Bathroom design tips

Is it time you treated yourself to the bathroom of your dreams? There is no better time than now to make the first move! Here at BASE Property Services, we offer a complete bathroom package- from designing all the way to the finishing touches. When you come to our team you know you'll be in safe hands! To find out our top design tips, keep reading...

Know your budget

The most important thing to consider is what your budget is. This allows you to only plan something realistic for your price range and makes you more likely to stick to it. 

Consider good lighting

Lighting is an important feature that shouldn't be left until last. You need good lighting around your mirror, as well as a ceiling light to add height to your room. 

Pick a colour scheme

Ideally, you should limit yourself for two colours when designing your bathroom, to avoid it looking cluttered. Whether this is the classy black and white, or something much brighter, you can't go wrong with only two colours.

Corner sinks are great

If you have a smaller bathroom, a corner sink can save you some valuable space, while helping your bathroom to look more stylish and interesting.

Choose the right vanity 

Your mirror can have storage behind it if you are limited on space, but it shouldn't take up too much of the room. You also need to find one that matches the overall look of the room.

Opt for a glass shower screen

Glass shower screens can look much more stylish, compared to curtains that can easily look cluttered and dirty. You can get a sliding glass screen if your bathroom lacks space for an outward opening door.

Make your shower stand out

Rather than having a standard shower, you can invest in one that stands out. You can add patterned tiles around it or recess it into the wall, making your shower an interesting design feature.

Invest in a statement bath

If your bathroom has space, why not treat yourself to a large, luxurious bath for you to relax in. There are so many different styles to suit every bathroom design.

Add in some luxurious

If your budget allows, it is a good idea to add some luxury features to your bathroom, considering how much time you spend in there. Features such as waterfall showers, underfloor heating, coloured lighting and towel heaters can all help you to feel cosy and relaxed in your bathroom.

Need a new bathroom in Durham?

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